Cell Phone Tracking Systems With GPS

One thing we are seeing with the new 3G and 3G plus cell phone systems is that they are able to track the origin of the caller. There are some very good uses for this technology, yet some decry the potential issues caused against their personal privacy.Currently we see that some of the cell phone systems have issues tracking the person when the callers are moving out of the cell phone tower area and hasn’t quite gotten to the next area, particularly if the call ends prior to a certain distance. But this is only with the older type systems or when the systems are far apart along freeways or near them and when the grid is not consistent and on ROAM, or instances where they have the old system instead of the more advanced GSM or 3G or 3G plus systems.Of course if we are tracking a suspect we can most likely with the new system and a little previous information, figure out where on the system they are regionally and allow things like the “Amber Alert” and citizen help catch them.As long as the phone has a battery in it you can track it. The new ones do not even need that as they have an internal battery, which stores the phone numbers inside, internal clock and such. The Cellular phone system registers each time the phone moves through the area, unless it is in a Faraday cage or lead box or something?Cell phone communication interception makes sense to scan calls to try to listen in on Al Queda. This may assist us in catching International Terrorist insurgent sleeper cells in our own nation. Yet, in doing so we may end up intercepting junk intelligence which we will have to go through and that takes time and even with modern artificial intelligent data mining it is no easy chore.Also remember talking about bombs is not the same as making them, for instance this article you see? And how many people do you think are talking about bombs these days as it is all over the news every day; mothers, daughter, kids, grandmas, in every city in the world. Imagine the junk you have to go through to get to what is real. And those who are really savvy know this, so they talk about “dolls” “gifts” and “Audi” in trade for weapons, bombs and planes. So where as cell phone tracking and call interception is not perfect it is indeed a tool, which helps authorities protect the American People. Think on this in 2006.

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