GPS Tracking: An Executive Summary-Who, What and Why

GPS vehicle tracking systems are a popular tool for business owners; Original equipment manufacturers from General Motors to Bobcat are including tracking systems in their vehicles. Here’s some background information to help you:Who uses GPS tracking?GPS tracking systems are used by businesses in the service, transportation and manufacturing industries. Businesses of all sizes, with fleets of 1 to thousands of vehicles, rely upon their tracking systems to add to their profitability.Types of businesses using GPS tracking:
GPS tracking systems consist of a device installed in the vehicle, a central server and software for the owner to access the information.All GPS tracking devices use data from the U.S. Government’s constellation of Global Positioning System satellites to determine a vehicle’s location, speed and direction of travel.The tracking device transmits data from GPS satellites overhead to a central computer server via either a communications satellite or, more often, via the local cellular phone network. The vehicle data is updated every 2 – 15 minutes, depending upon the owner’s preferences and manufacturer’s settings.The central server makes the tracking data available to the system owner through the Internet. The owner logs onto the tracking company’s secure web server and sees their vehicle data on a map and in text form. Some tracking companies make the data available for download, so the owner could archive it on their own computer.Why do they use it?Users of GPS tracking systems have many reasons why they’ve installed them:Purchasers of GPS vehicle tracking systems say they recover their investment in an average of six – 12 months, by both reducing expenses and improving productivity. While some users recoup their entire investment at one time by recovering a stolen vehicle, most users are repaid more gradually.

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