GPS Truck Transponder Warning Sensors for Curves

Each year the NTSB National Transportation Safety Board logs some 7,000 over the road truck accidents relating in humans becoming dead. As a general trend those fatalities have decreased over all, year over year. Yet overturned trucks are something that continues and it is a serious issue.Those who design infrastructure such as over passes and highway on ramps and curves pay extreme attention to detail to such hazards. A proper blinking light and pre-curve warning system will save many lives over a ten-year span. We have all seen the pictures on the sign which show a truck tipping over and say caution underneath them with a number such as “SLOW 15 MPH” and often these signs also include a flashing amber or red light to alert drivers of the serious nature of the turn ahead.I propose that we go one step further and include a satellite warning through a GPS and Truck Transponder System, which will be a warning, which will signal an additional warning inside the truck itself. The system could be run via satellite or from a warning system on the curve itself, which alerts all trucks, which have a transponder system of the curve ahead. We could save over 2200 lives per year this way or about the number of people lost in the entire Iraq War. Think on concepts like this in 2006.

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