GPS Vehicle Tracking Systems: Do I Need One?

GPS vehicle tracking systems are more affordable and more popular than ever before, but do you need one? Take this short quiz and keep track of your ‘yes’ answers. I’ll help you total your score and decide after you finish.Step One: Take QuizAdd up your ‘yes’ answers.
Step Three: Cost vs. GainThe average business owner recoups their investment in GPS vehicle tracking systems within 6 – 12 months after purchase. Of course, your ROI may vary. Recovering one stolen vehicle may pay for your entire tracking system.Vehicle tracking helps you reduce operating costs and boosts productivity.Tracking systems reduce vehicle costs by putting a spotlight on speeding employees, who waste fuel, cause excessive engine wear and drive up insurance rates. Vehicle tracking systems will also remind you when it’s time for preventive maintenance, like oil changes, helping you keep your vehicles on the road and making you money.GPS vehicle tracking systems improve productivity by:
Many insurance companies offer discounts of up to 30% for vehicles protected with tracking systems.Step Four: Due DiligenceGPS vehicle tracking systems are outstanding tools for vehicle and fleet management, but you need to find the right system for you. Take a look at the different types of GPS vehicle tracking systems.Check a company’s hardware and software, as well as their monthly data access plan. You’ll also need to decide whether to buy or lease your GPS tracking system.Good luck.

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