Read This Article if You Just Need a GPS in Your Car or SUV

As the automobile GPS units get better and the prices have come down it seems that more and more people are finally contemplating on installing them. In the past few years audio, satellite radio and SUV back seat video recorders and TV have been considered to be the cool thing to own. Yet as prices keep falling in the feature rich GPS auto market we are seeing it is becoming one hot item to have and it indeed did appear on many a Soccer Mom’s Christmas list as well.Have you been considering a GPS unit? You know you need one and actually with high fuel prices the unit may just make up its costs in better trip planning and alternate routes in peak traffic times? Wouldn’t that be great; avoid the traffic and also save fuel? Now that is the ticket indeed and with the ticket prices coming down for the most sought after state-of-the-art and top of the line units with fully integrated features, voice activated commands and audio directions why wouldn’t you buy one today?There are many new options and units, which do not need the CDROM in them and you do not have to change them to find what you are looking for if they do use a CDROM. Many of the new units have the latest hard drives with upgradeable memory and are still well under $1000, which is a great thing indeed. Think on this.

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